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‘Aloe gorgeous – delicious new South African foodie range hits the spot

Totally Wild’s foods and juices – proving local is lekker

Totally Wild, the creators of fine foods and drinks made using indigenous African plants, is proving that from a nutritional and taste perspective ‘local is lekker’ after all.

A key ingredient in all of Totally Wild’s products is Aloe ferox, a South African plant which grows naturally in the Western and Eastern Cape. In the Far East aloe has been used as a functional food for years and, closer to home, the Khoisan have been eating aloe and using it medicinally for millennia.  Today South Africans are reawakening to the nutritional benefits of aloe, which is packed with nutrients known to boost the immune system including natural sugars, vitamins, minerals – including iron and calcium – as well as soluble and insoluble dietary fibre.

Far from being a bitter pill, Totally Wild’s products taste totally delicious, made only with the succulent white inner flesh of the aloe leaf. The bitter sap found between the skin and inner flesh of the aloe is removed by careful peeling and washing. The Aloe ferox used by Totally Wild is sustainably harvested and not treated with any pesticides, fertilizers or insecticides.

Totally Wild has three product ranges: jams and relishes, juices and the latest offering – Chocaloes – aloe and fruit encased in the finest quality chocolate.

The relish

In a probably unintended marketing twist – in trying to please both the fire-eating and sensitive palate – Totally Wild are likely to lose some and gain some with their new Aloe and Tomato Chilli Relish. It’s a spicy combination of tomato, aloe and jalapeno and serrano chillies that I like, but the fire-eater is unlikely to be pleased by the quickly disappearing tang and the passive tongue may recoil from the immediate bite. For centre-aisle junkies like me it’s a food to relish: no rushing off for gallons of water to soothe a sizzling mouth but still the enjoyment of a subtle piquant pleasure fading on the tongue. Nice product, but not for the fire dragon nor the too feint of heart. – Bruce Cooper.

Star rating : 4 out of 5

The juice

“If you like the subtle underlying taste of chocolate in your blended fruit juice, Totally Wild’s Cape Aloe & Baobab juice may satisfy the palate on those long, hot sunny days. Let’s be fair, though, not all palates may detect the chocolate taste. But I did – and liked it. The company peddles its Cape Aloe range of fruit juices with the usual no added sugar or preservatives to please the health-hungry moms but, with wonder-plant Aloe and African Baobab thrown together in the mix, the juice should bring a sparkle to any kid’s eye – and chocolate-loving tongue. ” – Bruce Cooper.

Star rating : 4 out of 5

Totally Wild’s innovative aloe and fruit juices are healthy, delicious and refreshing, full of nutrients as well as being preservative- and additive-free. They are attracting huge interest locally as well as in overseas health and wellness markets.

The newest addition to the range is Cape Aloe and Baobab iuice, which combines two of Africa’s superfoods. Recent research has discovered that baobab contains more antioxidants than blueberries and goji berries, double the calcium of milk, more iron than red meat or spinach and has about six times the vitamin C content of oranges. Baobab also contains high levels of cholesterol-busting pectin. Cape Aloe and Baobab has a sweet, tangy and fruity flavour.

Cape Aloe with Pomegranate and Hibiscus Extract blends aloe, pomegranate and hibiscus extract to create a refreshing, tasty juice rich in antioxidants. This received rave reviews in Paris earlier this year at the international Sial D’Or.

The Cape Aloe and Mango Juice is a sweet and delicious combination of aloe and mango which is also known to be high in antioxidants and a good source of vitamins including Vitamin A, E and Selenium.

The Aloe ferox pulp used in the juices is sustainably harvested from plants growing naturally in the Western Cape and only organic baobab is used. The juices are all certified Kosher. The recommended retail price for a 330ml juice is R12.99 in South Africa, but check out for more information on international prices and possibilities.

The chocolate

“Jolly nice!”

Chocaloes is the latest offering from Totally Wild. These indulgent melt- in-your mouth chocolate balls contain aloe and fruit encased in the finest quality chocolate.  Chocaloes are made with quality ingredients and are free of preservatives and artificial additives.  The two delectable varieties are:

Milk Chocolate with Aloe and Strawberry – the goodness of aloe combined with strawberry and coated in rich milk chocolate.

Dark Chocolate with Aloe and Orange – aloe and orange wrapped in a layer of 70% dark chocolate. Divine and dairy–free!

Chocaloes were semi-finalists in the 2010 Global Food Awards. The recommended retail price is R27.50 for 100g box (South Africa). They are certified Kosher and Halaal.

INTERNATIONAL READERS : Check out , which stocks a fabulous range of proudly South African and African organic goodies for sale across the world.

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