Saturday September 24th 2022


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – and there’s a really nifty new product on the market that aims to make breast lump detection simpler and effective.

The Donna Glove provides a safe and effective way to conduct breast self-examinations – especially those of us in high risk groups.

It’s designed to allow your fingers to detect lumps the size of a grain of sugar. This isn’t possible with bare hands – and even a mammogram can barely detect lumps of this size.

Since death from breast cancer can be prevented with early detection and treatment, we applaud companies who market really useful products such as this one.

No side effects, a virtually 100% detection rate and easy to use at home – this gets a thumbs up from us.

Breast cancer facts

More than 40 000 women in the United States of America die of breast cancer each year. Deaths can be prevented through early detection.

Breast cancer is the only cancer that can be detected by a patient herself.

It’s worth knowing what to look out for. Empower yourself and take charge of your health.

The Donna Glove is available in South Africa at a recommended retail price of R299 and at pharmacies and drugstores in most European countries, as well as Mexico, Brazil, Russia and the Ukraine, for around $30 to $35.

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