Saturday October 1st 2022

DStv cable television – double the price, half the entertainment!

Columnist Erica Southey says her South African cable television bouquet is as stale as old roses.

No it’s not déjà-vu – just nauseating repetitions of programmes on DSTV’s stale smelling bouquet.

The slogan “DSTV – so much more” got my jets going.  So much more what?  Is DSTV thinking to compete with Nintendo on keeping the grey matter sharp? Repetition makes smart?  Memory enhancement?  Those who cannot remember repeats may want to stock up on the ‘train your brain’ vits.  Banter aside, I’m considering only paying half the monthly fee to get my money’s worth. I suppose DSTV will disconnect me faster than Telkom until I pay the full amount. Maybe I will get two weeks worth of DSTV based on the amount I deposited.

I’m getting very good at co-narrating some of the documentaries (repeats ad nauseum) – I am considering offering my services to NatGeo, BBC K etc.  I could get ‘so much more’ in pounds/dollars, start my own volcano travel programme of which there will be enough material to last till the next ice age.

Programmes are re-screened day after day with sometimes a week’s break and like recurring nightmares these movies/programs re-surface.

Whilst yours truly was off sick, thinking with the much cooler Cape Town weather kitty and I could relax under the covers and catch up on movies – I was in for two days of frustration.  One example – America’s Sweethearts were on twice a day and almost in the same time slot on M-Net Stars.  My favourite hangout – the documentary channels were just as frustrating.

Colleagues, friends and family complain about the repeats, but here we are diligently paying our dues to get half the entertainment at twice the price.

This cable giant laughs all the way to the bank reaping in dissatisfied client’s monthly fees, because at the moment they are the better option out of Top TV (in trouble already?), E-TV and SABC.

Should consumers not offer DSTV half the support so they can lose twice their profit?

Summer is looming and we have such a beautiful country to explore, families to interact with rather than sit behind the telly – frustrated and bored because we support so little at a high cost. Ourselves and loved ones.

3 Comments for “DStv cable television – double the price, half the entertainment!”

  • Ziska says:

    I cancelled my DSTV subscription because of all the repeats. After a couple of months (memory tends to fade quickly at my age – in my forties) I reconnected, hoping that things had changed. After all, the DSTV spokesperson on Talk Radio 702 said it had!? I was shocked to see the same shows still repeating months later – and permanently cancelled my subscription to DSTV.
    I think it’s nonsense that consumers keep paying in the hopes that things will get better. Talk is cheap, hit them where they feel it, stop paying subscription fees!

    • Beth says:

      We cancelled our subscription over a year ago, for budget reasons, but are now living with family and so have cable television. Even my five-year-old daughter has commented that her children’s programmes ‘are the same ones I saw last week, mom’. It’s crazy!

  • Erica says:

    Ziska, you’re right – subscribers should pull out. Alternative is to start becoming more vocal and see what rival stations come up with. Re-kindling this hot topic on radio may get more people to follow your suit or kick someone in action to give South Africans valuje for money. Why do we encourage corporations who think they have a monopoly?

    Beth, your mail sparks and idea. Maybe the future consumers (our children) should bombard DSTV with their letters and thoughts on their no value for money service. That ought to make for good publicity and a possibly cut this cable giant to size.

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