Thursday October 6th 2022

Social media – Karen Jeynes

Meet our new social media expert Karen Jeynes – reading her columns here will help you to make sense of the dark, somewhat complex maze of social media. Understanding the phenomenon is pretty crucial nowadays if you’re to grow your business. Read more from Karen at :

Karen Jeynes is a sceptical dreamer who has spent the last few years navigating the Information Superhighway with her own unique meandering style, a good many stops at byways to admire the view along the way and without the aid of a GPS.

Through observation, trial-and-a-lot-of-error, and endless hours of asking the real experts annoying questions, Karen’s learnt just enough about social media to be helpful to ordinary people, and dangerous to genuine techies. For a guide to Social Media which aspires to be more Bill Bryson than Fodors, Karen brings you her perspective on the ever changing foreign land of cyberspace.

In the real world Karen is a writer, project manager, teacher and social media consultant.

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