Saturday September 24th 2022

What happens when I don’t drink enough water?

Nutrition and wellness consultant Alison Jones answers.

What Happens When You Don’t Drink Water?”

Your body becomes dehydrated and dehydration can steal from certain parts of your body that help the liver, lungs, brain ,heart and kidneys stay hydrated. In fact, certain symptoms of disease are the major first signs of your body requiring water intake. These symptoms can include headaches, dry skin, constipation, memory loss, back and joint pain.

What to do if you suffer from some of the above symptoms? You can gradually up your daily intake of water, write your symptoms in a journal and see if they improve.  You might be running back and forwards to the bathroom a few times when you first start this; however that is a sign that your body is releasing toxins and it will be temporary until your body becomes properly hydrated.

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