Saturday October 1st 2022

Powerful women's vitamin works both ways


Having run out of my daily vitamin fix over a weekend, I reached for a ‘better than nothing’ alternative that happened to be handy and about to be consumed by my very health conscious daughter – Nature’s Plus Source of Life Women, described as a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement with whole food concentrates and gluten free. Fixated on vitamin supplements, I grabbed it in desperation rather than expectation, intending to toss it aside on the Monday when I could resume my usual trusted daily brand. That was two weeks ago. The marked energy boost prompted me to continue taking it (perhaps the attractive glowing woman on the label also had something to do with it) and prompted me to study the contents to ascertain what specific ingredient might be causing my renewed vigour.

The contents are extensive. Every vitamin and mineral one could possibly think of (including vitamin K) as well as a herbal antioxidant complex. Also ostivone, a clinically tested neutraceutical and non-hormonal bone health nutrient. All no doubt contributed to my feeling of well-being and all were in greater quantities than in my dumped daily brand. But one ingredient caught my eye – each tablet contains 250 mg of spirulina, a rich source of vegetable protein about five times higher than can be found in meat and which contains over a  hundred nutrients, and popularly known today as a Superfood. A little research revealed it to be an immune as well as an energy booster.

So, Nature’s Plus seems to have developed an interesting and powerful mix and one that I shall continue taking. And the pretty lady on the label makes them so much more palatable.

This product and the rest of the Nature’s Plus range is available online at :

Reviewed by Bruce Cooper

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  • fran says:

    where can i get hold of Natures Plus Source of Life. It sounds very good

  • Aslan says:

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