Sunday September 25th 2022

For the Love of Food – celebrity chef Jodi-Ann Pearton

“Throw your soul into your cooking, food is about love, passion, perseverance and appreciation and the more you give the better it gets.”

At just 26, chef Jodi-Ann Pearton has won every major award available in her home country, South Africa. She’s also a leading light internationally, having worked at weighty establishments such as The 3 star French Laundry in California and other fabulous foodie places worldwide.

Owner of her own company, The Food Design Agency – which specialises in food styling, product development, high end functions, celebrity cheffing and skills upliftment, she’s a rocketing star on the international food front.

Visit her website :

Jodi-Ann will be providing Waka Women with some of her fabulous recipes on a regular basis. Watch our LIFESTYLE category for her delish dishes.

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