Sunday September 25th 2022

Make the best of your MAN FUZZ

If you’re a man, you will have hair on your face. Whether or not you choose to shave or save it, it’s a pretty good idea to do only what suits your face, jaw and general head shape.

So, in celebration of man fuzz, here are some tips from Philips, which is official grooming partner of Movember South Africa 2010 – an initiative which started in Australia in order to create awareness for prostate and testicular cancers. It celebrates men sporting moustaches as a symbol of awareness.

For those Mo Bro virgins who aren’t quite sure which facial furniture is best for your mug, fear not, we’ll help you look cool whilst supporting the cause with these grooming tips:

  • Long, thin face

Avoid: goatees or ZZ Top-style beards which will only add length to your chin.

Go for: moustaches or sideburns – the former will draw attention from the lower half of your face while the latter will help round out any squareness. If you really want a beard, try leaving the sides slightly fuller than the front. This will fill out your jawline, giving the illusion of a wider face.

  • Round face

Avoid: thin moustaches and full beards or any hair around the jawline as these will only make your face look rounder.

Go for: a precision-cut goatee or “jazz spot” under your bottom lip with the help of Philips Inspector Gadget. These will optically narrow the face into a point at the chin. But don’t try this if you have several, very obvious chins or it’ll just draw attention to them.

  • Square jaw

Avoid: Thick, wide ‘Wolverine’ sideburns. They might look good on an X-man but will just make your face look boxier.

Go for: A full, rounded beard to soften the squareness of your face.

  • Bald head

Avoid: full beards and bushy sideburns that have no hairline to emerge from. Too much growth will unbalance the look of your head and you’ll end up looking like Santa Claus.

Go for: subtle goatees and beards, trimmed short. They won’t look too obvious but will look modern.

  • Small chin

Avoid: a moustache. It’ll act like a roof to your “small house” of a chin and make it look even more recessive.

Go for: a sharp, neatly trimmed goatee or full beard – both will draw out the chin, A goatee, especially, will draw the eyes upwards away from a non-existent chin.

Whether it’s Chuck Norris, Magnum PI, or Borat whose Mo you secretly admire, Movember is your time to shine!

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  • Flip says:

    Ah yes i recall playing older versions of The show and seeing a few players using alias names…i specifically remember that barry bonds was “Regie Stkc&ero#8221; and that Dice-k had a weird one too. anyways, I don’t really have any rick reed moments to share but he was a solid pitcher, and you gotta show some love.

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