Sunday September 25th 2022

Menu All-A-Lone : why my one-person meal plan doesn't cut it

Journalist Erica Southey bemoans the family meal deals and Mother Hubbard cupboards of her singleton existence.

If you’re single, does the thought of what’s on the menu for supper leave you order generic viagra dialling take-out or brimming with enthusiasm to try a recipe from Aunt Ethel’s book of delights?

Between cooking for one, extra curricular activities and a tight schedule; I often find myself stopping at the Sushi counter of my local Spar or getting a health sandwich at Kauai that is conveniently situated in my local gym.  Doing the calculations of take-outs bought – I’d have saved half the airfare to one of my volcanoes by now!

Take-outs are fast, easy, and not catering to my Required Daily Allowance (RDA) of nutritional foods.  One can only have so much sushi, Kauai, jelly babies, pasta and yes: Nando’s before standing in front of a food cupboard feeling frustrated.

My cupboard is filled with items; that to the culinary eye doesn’t make sense.  Cereals, lite crackers, cup-a-soup, popcorn, the odd can of tuna, peanut butter, pasta and the usual items like tea, coffee, sugar etc. decorate the shelves.  If only my variety of teas could serve up a delicious menu.  My fruit basket is filled to the brim and is also the other alternative for a quick supper.  Does this sound familiar?

Sometimes, when doing my weekly shopping, I feel restricted to what I can buy as a single person.  Most supermarkets sell family sized portions when it comes to meat and other perishable foods.  Meals for one aren’t economical or always healthy – as some are processed.  I mainly buy fresh fruit, vegetables and meat that mostly work out expensive.  Pre-packed food items seem to become more popular than separate food items.  Its marketability is better with the ‘Buy one, get one free’ sales strategy.  For a bigger family this is economical.  For me, I’m left with excessive items that either go to waste or end up with someone else in need.  Separate items aren’t always fresh or ready for immediate consumption.  Time doesn’t allow for me to rummage through the tray to find a ripe avo or fresh tomato.  Back to the meal in a pack. I avoid canned foods as far as possible.

Okay! the other and probably the main ingredient in this ‘recipe’ is – I am menu challenged.  If left with ingredients and asked to cook up something that will tantalise the taste buds – you’d probably return to a quirky note saying “your meal is on page 11” or the ingredients will be arranged into a smiley face.  Pushing it; I may click my heels three times and hope that Jamie Oliver or Waka Women’s newest discovery – Celebrity Chef: Jodi-Ann shows up.  Jo-diAnn for a good single meal?

A cooking class would be great, but not all have the luxury of extra time.

I’m looking for recipes specifically aimed at the single person that are: economical, foolproof and in the same breath makes me want to cook for myself or to simply surprise a special person or sick friend with a meal that says “eat me!”

This girl is ready to step from the routine un-interesting ‘meal for one’ to a dinner party where the food will be from Menu-a-la-Erica.

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  • Egliimar says:

    sometimes i really weondr why they open restaurant and never use their heart to prepare food, how will the customer come again? i always respect those that cook with no short cut… hope their business always be great, and bring more friends to support… ^ – ^

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