Saturday September 24th 2022

Memory in a bottle : MEMOREGAIN

Fountainhead has released a ‘brain nourisher’ called Memoregain that suggests possible memory improvement, learning enhancement and a boost in general health and energy. The formula has been tried and tested and backed by extensive clinical trials at Beijing University revealing evidence of its ability to repair neuron damage. I’ve tried it for a week and can testify to an improvement in memory function and general alertness. And I have no reason not to believe it is fulfilling other claims made for it by the manufacturer. But what I did find particularly interesting  were the other benefits, not listed by the manufacturer, that I experienced.

The key ingredient is a plant called cistanche tubulosa, which has its origin in the Taklimakan Desert in China and is popularly known as ‘desert ginseng’. A little reading revealed the natives use it to ease constipation and treat male impotency or, as it is quaintly translated from the Chinese, ‘improve lassitude in loin’. Thankfully I do not have ‘lassitude in loin’, but Memoregain did manage to arouse the bear from its sleepy hollow. Given their numbers it is not surprising the Chinese eat it as a nourishing food. It also markedly improved bowel function and I cannot recall taking other medication at the time which might have done that.

There may be more in Memoregain than meets the eye, with an unexpected bonus or two thrown in for good measure. And, as with most things in life, it’s always better to start at the bottom and work up.

– reviewed by Bruce Cooper

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