Sunday September 25th 2022

Reflexology mat doesn’t cut the mustard

The Fountainhead reflexology mat

When I heard that I was going to be reviewing the reflexology mat from The Fountainhead I was quiet excited. I had this image in my head of relaxing on the couch whilst my feet were being pampered and receiving the love that they very much need, drinking a glass of wine and maybe munching on a chocolate or three.

I received the package and unpacked it as quickly as I could, throwing the instructions aside, setting the mat on the floor and standing on it.

Ouch, ooh, arhhhh were the only words that came out of my mouth as I stepped off the mat. This is not what I expected. I read the instructions to see if maybe I was missing something. The instructions suggest that people with sensitive feet should wear socks. I dashed to the cupboard and fetch a pair of socks and try again. This relieves the pain a bit, but not by much. On no, I now have to torture my feet for the next two weeks.

The pain does subside after a few days, but I get no pleasure standing on this mat that is shaped as a pair of feet, shuffling forwards and backwards. I start to dread going to the bathroom to brush my teeth in the mornings as I know that I will have to do it all over again. I persist as I want to see if I will reap the benefits.

The product information suggests that some are the benefits are relaxation, balancing of all body systems, it revitalizes energy, reduces stress, nerve tension and associated physiological changes such a high blood pressure, fatigue, anxiety and depression. It can also improve circulation and break down crystal feet deposits during treatment.

I have to be honest I felt none of these benefits. It may have been my negative attitude towards the pain I first experienced or that I am going through a very busy period in my life right now, but I feel just as stressed as I was before I began my reflexology mat treatment.

Will I continue to use the mat, definitly not, I will give it away to the first masochist who wants it.

Star rating 1/5 (It looks very nice)

Reviewed by JACKY HAY

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