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There is nothing to fear but fear itself

Spiritual author and writer Jane Cranmer poses some interesting questions and conundrums for seekers – and non-seekers.

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.
Have you heard that saying before? More importantly, is it true?
I’d have to say mostly yes, and occasionally no, and having brought up the question in the first place I really ought to explain myself.
When we are born we have two fears, falling, and sudden loud noises. Nature has hardwired us from birth with something called “the startle reflex”. Now, I’m not going to suggest you go around trying to scare babies into demonstrating this for you; you can safely take it from me, as a one time award-winning nursery nurse, that I know what I’m talking about. When the startle reflex is triggered, the baby throws up his/her arms and grasps for something to cling to. The grasp of a newborn is so strong its entire body can be lifted when it holds onto two of your fingers…again, do not try this at home!
Once you have accepted this fact, it therefore follows that every other fear is a learned experience.
So what are you afraid of?
Over the past couple of weeks we have had both Halloween and Bonfire Night.
These seem to be enjoyable experiences on the whole, but of course if you happen to believe the dead roam abroad on All Hallow’s Eve, and you’re not too keen on that idea, or like me, you leap out of your skin every time a rocket goes off, perhaps you might prefer to stay in on these occasions. I love fireworks…when safely viewed from behind a window, with a large glass of wine and some pie and peas in my hands.
You might have gathered I am less nervous about Hallowe’en.
My Nana used to say “The dead can’t harm you.”
Now, I don’t want to worry you at all, but, she wasn’t a hundred per cent correct in that assumption.
Let’s just say, the dead can’t and won’t harm you, so long as you’re not afraid of them, or quite probably won’t be able to affect you in any way if you don’t believe in them.
Speaking as someone who has had numerous encounters with the Spirit World over the years, the majority of dead people are just as lovely and charming as they were in life, extremely helpful and protective of their loved ones, and wouldn’t willingly frighten a living soul (literally!)
On the other hand, you need to understand that just as everyone you meet is not always pleasant, these same charactors are equally dark, vicious and bullying once they have crossed over.
So, how do you keep your guardian angels on board. while disspelling the undesirables? Oh goodness, are you ready for a physics lesson?
Many, many, years ago, when I was just a slip of a girl, aged about fourteen, I recall having this physics lesson…I probably wasn’t paying as much attention as I should, because I was that type of girl (Dolly Daydream my aunt used to call me), but fortunately I was paying enough to remember the jist of it, and make sense of it thirty years later.
My physics teacher was explaining Einsteins theory, that everything is made from energy passing in and out of different states.
With me so far? Hmm, I thought not…my physics teacher had lost me and half the class already too. So, being a clever chap, he decided to show us in a practical experiment :
Thirty girls were split into three groups of ten and stood in lines.
The first ten were told to shuffle back and forward very slowly.
The second ten had to jig up and down energetically on the spot.
The third ten could whizz about freely round the classroom (providing they watched out for the bunsen burners!).
Good fun eh? But what on earth was it all about, apart from a good way to waste fifteen minutes of a potentially dull lesson?
Our teacher explained that the first ,slow moving group, were solid matter…they were still moving, because, energy is never completely still. The second group represented liquid, free flowing, energy moving faster. The third group were gas, free to move and able to permeate most things.
This is how energy works, it can change states, and (pay attention, this is the important bit), it can never be destroyed! I didn’t say that…Einstein did!
Okay, so here is the point I am trying to make. We are all energy, we are molecules vibrating at different speeds. You and I are the solids (and trust me, some of us are far more solid than we’d like to be), ghosts, or earthbound spirits are like the liquid energy…they haven’t raised their vibrations high enough to enter the light yet. Spirits are the gases. Harder to see, but of a higher and purer vibration.
So, in terms of how we attract or repel certain entities, think of it like this. A certain Mr George Lucas was on to something when he described the mystical force ( if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to watch Star Wars immediately…and while we’re on the subject…where have you been the last thirty years?). The force has two sides, the good and the bad, and the bad is quicker to attract, easier, more seductive…it feeds off fear and hate. The good side takes more work, but we can assume it is a reflection of loving kindness and courage, and all that is good in the Universe.
The force would be a good way to describe positive and negative energy. Like attracts like.
Now, I’m not saying only bad people attract negative energy. Good people, who are fearful can draw negativity towards them. Have you ever noticed just how often people seem to draw exactly what they are afraid of to them?
There is a remedy to this however. And I know this sounds simplistic, but it only takes a little practise.
Act as if you’re not afraid…
In your head, no matter what the fear is, think of someone you know who is not afraid, and visualise yourself in their shoes. I don’t just mean if you’re afraid of ghosts or spirits…it works for fear of failure, for feeling unloveable, for fear of flying or spiders or clowns.
If you’re afraid of losing your job, or lack of money, see yourself as Alan Sugar or Richard Branson for the day.
Imagination is a powerful thing, because imagination can alter your vibration.
Your vibration is what attracts or repels everything in your life. Your vbration is your soul…and only you have power over it ultimately. This is how prayer works, prayer is a very high vibration. This is also how curses work…but we can assume they are of a very low vibration.
So, whatever you’re afraid of, pretend that you’re not…you’ll be surprised how well this works. Maybe there really is nothing to fear, but fear itself after all.

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  • Bev says:

    Great ideas a la Law of Attraction and The Secret etc… As Shakespeare said: “Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so…”

  • sara brooks says:

    lovely piece of writing made me feel really positive thank you

  • louise says:

    nice 2 c a person who believes in the good and bad of the spirit world and views it scientificly, always how i av seen the world! negativity attracts negativity! wish mre people saw the world like that instead of blaming others. wil b reading again. x

  • Ben says:

    Nice blog Jane. I agree with everything you said in it and it’s nice and uplifting. Great job

  • Helen says:

    Helpful, thank you. Keep sharing. Positive = Positive.

    • Emily says:

      Aw God! It is so impressing!New Linkin Park style differs from the past very much. But the new one is not worse than past,it’s fresh and ec&#aing!Ctnxi8217;t wait to listen to the full album!!!

  • Nikki says:

    Thanks Jane, sitting here with my bad back and some not so great stuff going round in my head, I found that VERY uplifting! Nikki (you know who xxx)

  • Jane says:

    Thankyou so much for your lovely comments everyone…glad to see my “musings” are helping some of you.

  • Meg says:

    Someone email this to Ant and Dec to give to Gillian Mckeith immediately

  • Jane says:

    @Meg, only just seen your comment…it really made me laugh! Thanks
    Jane x

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