Saturday September 24th 2022

A stick that rolls away migraines

How often have you felt you can’t go on because of a throbbing headache or migraine? An
open study shows that two months of treatment with an innovative roll-on treatment called
MIGRASTICK® can reduce headache and migraine intensity in just 15 minutes and reduce
the number of migraines by almost 50%. (1)

No bigger than half a tube of lipstick and made up of 100% pure and natural essential oils,
this handy headache helper is showing sufferers, and other interested bystanders, the power
of mobile, natural relief.

The study, completed by Dr Marc Schwob, President of the Migraine Association of France,
was carried out on 21 subjects averaging 39 years of age who had been suffering from
migraines for over a year. The two-month trial confirmed the ‘effectiveness and very good
tolerance’ of MIGRANEL (MIGRASTICK®) in the treatment of migraines. It also showed
that the increase in the number of migraine-free days was particularly clear-cut during
the second half of the study between day 30 and day 60. Subjects in the study voted the
stick ‘90% effective’ in relieving headaches and migraines.

Migraine, often called an ‘invisible disorder’, is a chronic illness that affects 5 – 10% of
the world population. If we include headaches, nearly 50% of us are affected, two-thirds
being women. Fifty percent of migraine sufferers do not seek help, but of those who do, 80%
experience a significant reduction or a complete turnaround in symptoms over time.

Abuse of painkillers may be at the centre of ongoing, recurring migraines, suggests Dr
Schwob. Addiction to prescribed medication is also on the increase, prompting companies
such as Arkopharma, producers of MIGRASTICK®, to offer the public this powerful and
well-researched natural treatment option.

(1) Dr M Schwob,: Study of the effectiveness and tolerance of MIGRANEL
(MIGRASTICK) in the treatment of migraines. Paris, (2001).


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Source : Oz Healthcare Communications

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