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Beam me up Scotty

Spiritual author and writer Jane Cranmer poses some interesting questions and conundrums for seekers – and non-seekers.

When I was a very little girl, about two or three, my favourite television programme of the week wasn’t “Watch with Mother”, I had no time for Andy Pandy, the Flowerpot Men, or Zebedeh. My programme of choice was “Star Trek”, I loved Mr Spock with his pointy ears, Captain Kirk, (who managed to get in a fight and end up with his tunic torn dramatically across his chest, every episode), the Starship Enterprise…hurtling through space to explore new worlds. I was there, with them every breathtaking step of the way…boldly going where no man, or three year old girl for that matter, had gone before!
I sometimes wonder if Gene Roddenbury, the creator of this award winning cult TV show, had a crystal ball. Watch an old episode when you get chance, notice how he invented the idea of the electronic door that slid open without touching it, years before they appeared in retail stores all over the world. Don’t you think their “Communicators” resemble the flip up mobile phones, not even dreamt of till years later. It makes you wonder what other dreams of his will shortly become reality.
Take the “Transporter” for instance, how useful would it be, if instead of the daily commute, we stepped onto a teleporter, pushed a button, and whoosh, there we were at the office, or the pub, or Grandma’s house. Useful, but highly unlikely to become a reality you might think.
It brings to mind another childhood favourite of mine, Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.
There is a scene where one of the horrendously spoilt little brats in the story insists on his own way, and gets transported through the medium of Wonka Vision ( a type of new age tv) from one point in time and space to another…ok, he ends up really small, which is terribly impractical, but that aside, it works.
Willy Wonka explains that TV’s work by splitting the image into millions of molecules and transporting them through the ether, where they reconfigure on our TV screens.
Now, I don’t pretend to know if this is an accurate description of what happens, but it works for me…at one end there is an image, and it is sent and recieved thousands of miles away. I know this much is true…I happen to have one of those magical recieving boxes in my front room…I bet you do too!
Ok, ok, you don’t know where I am going with this do you?
Hands up anyone who has ever heard of an Apport?
Not many of you I’m thinking…and can I see some of you chewing? Spit it out immediately and pay attention… and that boy at the back, see me after class!
An apport is the way in which the Spirit World, or other dimensions, transport seemingly solid objects through the ether and present them to us, wherever we happen to be. Don’t believe it? No, I didn’t either, at first.
The first record of this phenomenum is “Man’s survival after death” written by the Reverend C L Tweedale back in 1909.
The Reverend describes an incident where his mother had sustained a cut to the head, his wife was in the process of parting the older womans hair to inspect the wound, when the minister suddenly looked up and was astounded to see a jar of ointment come flying through the air from the other side of the room. The ointment belonged to his mother, and was generally locked in a cupboard. Rev. Tweedale realised the inference of it appearing this way was that it should be applied to the cut. He was impressed enough by this strange incident to risk his reputation by writing about it.
Apports are mentioned at many of the Victorian seances held in the early 1900’s, they were usually announced by a loud trumpeting sound, and then an object of some kind, frequently flowers, would appear in the hands of the recipient, as a gift from some departed loved one.
There are also records of investigators being bombarded by pennies and small stones when trying to oust poltergeists from haunted houses. Angels are reported to leave feathers as their calling cards.
I recall in my book, “Ancestors and Angels”, the strange tale of my mother losing her much loved Tigers Eye ring while on holiday in America…only to find on her return home, that it had appeared on her dressing table a couple of days before she herself came home!
Now, you may remember that my daughter has moved out recently. She contacted me the other week to tell me of a strange brooch that had appeared on one of her jumpers, a silver spider. My daughter is terrified of spiders, but she quite liked the brooch. It reminded me of a brooch my mother had many years ago, when I was about five years old, it was kept for safe keeping in a drawer at my Nana’s house, because my mother never wore it anymore. I hadn’t seen the brooch in almost forty years. I joked with my daughter that maybe this was a gift from her own Nana (my Mum) to say “Don’t be afraid of spiders anymore”.
Turns out it was actually pinned on by a friend of Jessica’s when my daughter was a bit inebriated…so there you go, a logical explanation, right!
Imagine my surprise then, several days later, when I was tidying out Jessicas drawers (she may have gone, but most of her clutter hasn’t!), and there hidden amongst the lipsticks and notebooks, was my mothers original brooch!
I have never had this brooch in my possession, it was lost many years before…and if I had had it, I would certainly not have given it to Jess, who hates spiders.
It looked battered, only five of its eight legs left, as if it had travelled a long, long way to get here… yet here it was, forty years after I saw it last, in my daughters chest of drawers, just days after I had suggested a spider brooch might be a message from my Mum to my daughter.
Apports… interesting idea, solid matter transmuting to gas then back to solid again? Is it possible? Einstein says it is.
Even so…say it with Spiders…well, really mother!

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  • louise says:

    that happend 2 me! when my grandma died my grandad gave me her wedding ring as a nice way 2 remember her, we had the same size fingers so i put it on n neva tuk it off! wel at school in p.e i had 2 aswell as a siver bracelet, they were both stolen. i never told my grandad. 3 years later my grandad passed away, after his funeral i stood outside havin a cig and went into my pocket 4 my lighter and there was the ring! it was like his parting gift, his way of sayin im watching over you. since then iv never tak

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