Saturday October 1st 2022

Once were warriors

What, for you, was an English high class all about?

I had real teachers. The kind who made me push and crash open my box. Their influence lies with me still and what they did was instil in me a sense of life-long learning in the fields I loved – writing, media, creativity, music.

I hope that I was a real teacher. I think I was. I loved teaching English, because I love acting and drama and watching souls unfurl. Life was poetry in my class – for me, at any rate.

Reading Kerry Hammerton’s blog about her viewing of the play Waiting for Godot – – made me remember.

And so I wondered – what was memorable for you about school? Or English class? Or any class, in fact? Or do you still smart at the memories you made there?

And what’s on your bookshelf today that you wished had been there then?