Sunday September 25th 2022

Aquafresh White & Shine toothpaste

A good all-round toothpasteYes, it delivers.

So, what do I look for in toothpaste?

What, on the shelves of the shopping aisle, will catch my eye and help me to choose which brand to buy?


Cavity Protection…

Tartar Eliminator…


Sensitive Protection…

Healthy Gums…

Fights Plaque…

Breath Freshener….

I guess all our needs are basically the same; we want it all, but which toothpaste can actually deliver?

I had the pleasure of reviewing Aquafresh White & Shine. The packaging stands out with reflective silver edging, and a sparkling inner panel describing all the good this toothpaste can provide.

White & Shine comes in two flavours – Minty (of course) and Berry. Both have the iconic Aquafresh three stripes. The cap is large and easy to open and the toothpaste, true to its packaging, has a shimmer once on the toothbrush – these, I presume, are the micro-buffing particles that polish your teeth.

When you brush, the paste seems to swell in your mouth, so even using a tiny bit of paste is extremely effective – and therefore affordable. It allows me to “swish” the foamed up paste in my mouth once I have finished brushing – something I haven’t had the pleasure of doing with other brands. It feels as if every crevice is getting attention even where my toothbrush can’t reach. The brand is true to its word, leaving a clean feeling and fresh breath, and the best thing is that it lasts all day, and night – when I wake up there is no furry feeling.

I must admit, I prefer more of a minty flavour, and did not enjoy the aftertaste the berry flavour left in my mouth – sort of like those fire-ball sweets we used to eat. But my husband disagrees – so to each their own.

As for the whitening aspect – I think only time will tell – I have only been using the toothpaste for two weeks, and so far there has been no dramatic difference.  Check in for an update in a month or two.

Reviewed by Dominique Gotte, co-owner, DNA Online (