Saturday September 24th 2022

Earn money from writing (yes, you really can)


Earn money from writing – even if you’ve never seen your name in print or lifted a pen to publish something before.

Career girls, full-time moms and students frequently approach me about how to make money from writing. Many want to be journalists, but don’t know how to begin. Others lack confidence or think that because they’re 30-something, it’s ‘too late’.

Nonsense – if you enjoy writing, you can be a journalist and you can earn money doing something you love.

I teach news journalism and feature writing for an online college. The course fee is reasonable and the results are astounding – I’ve had three students in a row being published in the last few weeks (and earning money from their efforts).

Please email me, Beth Cooper Howell : for more information.

This is a very important foundation course for launching a career – or even just a pocket-money-making sideline – in journalism. You’ll learn how to source stories, research and write them – and make money from home, doing something you enjoy.


“A tutor at SA Writers’ College who, with her teaching ability, will put you on the map and help to pave your career in the world of journalism! Beth is full of fun. Her marking comments, mixed with jokes,  will make you feel active and alive – as though you are in a real classroom with her. She is encouraging, inspiring and professional. I never thought that an online course could offer so much, but with Beth, I’ve reached my dream of launching a career in journalism.” – Everson Luhanga, Hard News Journalism student.

“I really enjoyed the Hard News Journalism course because it offered practical advice from a tutor who clearly has been around the block a couple of times! Not once did I dispute any of Beth’s edits or suggestions because the value in each change and each suggestion was clear to me. It makes online learning easy and enjoyable when you can see that you are truly dealing with professionals and experts.” – Ashley Stander, Media Relations Officer, Communications and Marketing, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

“A 44-year old, single woman; working a full-time job and living on a tight budget – I thought that my dream of being a journalist became unattainable?

I closed my eyes, opened my purse and registered for the Hard News Journalism Course with mixed emotions. So started the journey that changed my life!

The Modules were: well laid out, contained what any aspiring journalist should know, read easily and instructions on assignments were very clear.

This course is the perfect bridge for students who cannot do the degree in Journalism.

My tutor, Beth Cooper was readily available when I had questions. Assignments were promptly marked and returned. Criticism was constructive where it was needed. When she sees potential she will push and challenge you all the way leaving no room for underachievement.  I soon realised this after Module 3 when she made it crystal clear what her expectations of my work were.  She challenged me all the way – no spoon-feeding, no easy way out. Her valuable experience and knowledge was heartily shared – something I appreciate as it saved me from making many embarrassing mistakes.  Her level of service is very high. She goes the extra mile.  She keeps in touch with students after completing her course.  Her CV clearly shows that her services as a tutor is well sought after.  She gets results.

Beth isn’t just a tutor, but also a mentor. A tutor plays an important part in whether a student will persevere and push through. She pushed me towards passing her course with distinction, including having my article published in my local community newspaper.  Doing this course also drew compliments from readers of my Earthquake, Volcano and Tsunami Zone blog.

Doing Beth’s course was the best decision I made to add journalism as a career.  Since graduating I’ve not looked back. Now, the only challenge is juggling my day job and freelance journalism. For those who are serious about and have a passion for writing – GO FOR IT!” – Erica Southey, Hard News Journalism student.