Thursday October 6th 2022

Getting a fix on flu

Most cough mixtures on the market today provide symptomatic relief for coughs arising from colds and flu. The Fountainhead has developed a cough formula, FluFix, that not only relieves coughing but treats the condition.

I first used the medicine in June 2010 after I had contracted a virulent cold followed by a nasty cough. A day or two after taking the cough syrup I recall feeling considerably better and my cold had moved into a definite healing phase. I remembered being surprised and thinking no more of it, just glad to have got well in reasonably (for me) quick time.

I had recourse to the mixture again yesterday morning and had similar results to the June treatment, which aroused my curiosity and led me to ascertain the ingredients this unusual formula contains. I counted no less than 18 herbs plus honey and glycerine. One herb, in particular, caught my eye – pelargonium sidoides, which is native to South Africa and is none other than our old common Geranium. Further research revealed that clinical studies indicate that the abundant old plant has been used in treating acute bronchitis, the common cold and pharangytis!

I’m not suggesting Geranium, which adorns my garden, was the only one that did the trick for me. There is an array of impressive herbs in the formula, such as Echinacea, Horehound, Ginger, Elderberry, to name but a few. But I was captivated that pelargonium was on the list. Who would have thought?

The Fountainhead states in its advertising copy for FluFix that it is designed to strengthen the body’s immune system and is a strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral syrup. I can vouch that is true. And, tomorrow morning, I shall be looking at my quiet, unobtrusive old pelargonium through somewhat different, but smiling, eyes.

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– Reviewed by BRUCE COOPER

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