Sunday September 25th 2022

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I’m a work-from-home mom with two children aged 3 and 6.  I qualified as a journalist but currently find my job varies daily from taxi driver, to house cleaner, to mediator and maker of rules.  In between all of this I assist my husband in running our ostrich farming concern.  I am primarily involved in the admin side of things as well as stocking our boutique with the latest styles and colours of ostrich leather handbags and accessories.

For me, as for most moms, there are never enough hours in the day, and browsing shopping malls is a distant memory.  I tend to buy products that are well advertised and affordable, although I am prepared to spend more money on quality goods, that I know will last longer, and in terms of foodstuff, generally be healthier for my family to consume.  Products that are advertised or can be bought over the internet are also a plus for me, especially at times like Christmas when I can “shop ‘til I drop” without having to load kids into trolleys and buy half the sweet aisle just to keep the peace.

Visit Gillian’s farm at or shop online for her fabulous ostrich leather goods at .


I’ve  been a full-time mom since my eldest child Zoey, two-and-a-half, was born and I recently gave birth to Zac, eight weeks. Prior to having children, I was the buying manager for a shoe company that produces children’s shoes for Woolworths stores nationwide.

At the moment I am looking into starting a small business, so watch this space!

What do I look for in a product? Value for money is on top of the list. I am a bit of a cheapskate, so when I do part with my money I like to know it is being well spent.

Necessity is another. I don’t buy just for buying’s sake. I am unfortunately a sucker when it comes to my kids though!

I also demand quality and reliability from a product. There is nothing worse than buying something and then it breaks, is sub-standard or doesn’t do what it says it will.

I am also very loyal to a product. Once I find something that is good value for money and reliable, I stick to it.


I am a professional freelance journalist writing in both print and digital media.  I write widely on health, hygiene, vision, parenting and food and also regularly cover conservation and culture for the South African Airways international in-flight magazine, SAWUBONA and other national magazines.

A regular contributor of vision articles to , I’m also a news writer on breaking African political and macroeconomic topics at

Manufacturers will understandably use advertising to rave about their products – and a good product will live up to that advertising. ‘Value for money’ doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, and if a product fulfils the promise made in its advertising I’d be happy to pay more for it than a cheaper version I know wouldn’t be as good.

I spend extra time researching to find the one that is likely to do the job properly – first time!


Being a work-from-home mom I have learnt the art of juggling both my home and my family, as well as my full-time business. I have a fantastic husband and a four-year- old son, and with my resident zoo of rescued pets we all live in a small house which is still in development. Yes, I sigh – half a house and half a construction zone!

My husband and I were once high profile “corporates” from Johannesburg, and decided to throw in the establishment political towel and move to a sleepy town on the coast to begin our own business.

We have been here for over six years now, and although my budget has shrunk dramatically from the Jo’burg days, we wouldn’t swap it for the world.

I distantly recall a time when shopping meant quickly scanning the shelves for my preferred brand or any new bling packaging that caught my eye and tossing it into the trolley. I had absolutely NO idea how much anything cost. These days however, my internal calculator is in top form as I negotiate buying the toothpaste on special versus the one that may make my teeth whiter.

Clearly my most important factor when choosing a product is value. There is nothing worse for me then the feeling I have been “conned” into parting with my hard-earned shekels by purchasing something over its true value. The second most important factor is the durability of the product. The well-known saying “goedkoop is duurkoop” (cheap is often expensive) is apt : buying my son a cheap plastic car that will only last a week – if that – ends up being more expensive as I trundle back to the shop to buy him a better version in order to placate his tears.

Lastly, I am finding it more and more important to check the “greenness” of my purchases, as ensuring that they are kind to nature helps me feel that I am giving my son an extra gift. Visit Dom and Alex Gotte’s site at