Sunday September 25th 2022

New kids' toothbrushes a HIT – well done Aquafresh

Aquafresh Kids Toothbrush Range

Although my kids hardly ever complain about having to brush their teeth, the battle comes in trying to explain the difference between chewing the toothpaste off the brush and actually cleaning their little chompers.

When asking my 6-year-old if his new Aquafresh toothbrush cleans his teeth well, I was met with a blank stare and the philosophical answer of “well, yes Mom, it IS a toothbrush”.

He is, however most impressed with the colour, bright orange and yellow, as well as the “sparkly dots” on it.  My 3-year-old is also most satisfied with her pastel-coloured toothbrush, and in fact they both choose the correct brush for their age, based just on its colour.

They have been using their new toothbrushes for 5 days now and they still look new, as opposed to some cheapies I have tried in the past, whose harder, more plastic-type bristles just crumble after one good chew… umm, brush.

So, well done to Aquafresh on doing a great job with your new colourful, funky kids toothbrushes.  My kids dig them!

-       Reviewed by Gill Landman, co-owner, Grasmere Ostriches (

Star rating: 4/5