Sunday September 25th 2022

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Women can make a lot of money online (yes, really)

Today, while looking for an online sales executive, I found Tamara Aspeling. She’s doing what thousands of women would love to do – making money online, from the comfort of her home.

Now, Tamara is onto a good thing – and what’s better, she’s sharing it. I’ve been in touch with her today and even found my techno-savvy husband quite aghast at the depth of her knowledge about the warm, mysterious underbelly of the internet.

Here’s her blog on starting a shop online – without any capital or products. Mad? Crazy in the head? No, darling – it’s called drop shipping (and I’m name-dropping because I’ve learned a new concept!).

Now, Tamara, please tell me how to make millions from WakaWomen – while spreading information and empowering women everywhere with free content :).

Read it here :