Saturday September 24th 2022

Copywriting, editing at negotiable rates

Beth Cooper Howell is a skilled media specialist who works quickly and creatively on copy (above the line, below the line and through-the-line) and has successfully spearheaded several multi-media campaigns, including company ticket promotions for international artists, telecommunications promotions, blogs and e-newsletters.

Her managerial experience in a publishing and news media environment, several years as a trainer and developer of media courses and extensive writing, subbing and proofreading skills guarantee tight, clean copy to deadline for any market, on any topic.

A heavyweight print and online copywriter, web content writer and editor, national magazine copy editor, feature writer and published author, Beth also tutors hard news and magazine journalism for an online college.

Her client base includes BBC Online, True Love magazine, Fair Lady, TOPCO business publications, Clarity media company, local travel and lifestyle publications, several international and South African magazines, newspapers, e-newsletter marketing companies and websites.

Beth regularly partners with several top media specialists in diverse fields, from graphic design and web development to online design and photography. Please visit for more information and a portfolio of work (view the ‘copywriting’ section).

To secure Beth’s services or obtain a no-obligation quote, please email her :