Saturday September 24th 2022

Whole Body Tonic great for superwomen on the run!

So I receive my bottle of The Fountainhead’s Whole Body Tonic with anticipation and read the label with growing excitement:

Blood Purifier

Colon Cleanser

Hormone Balancer

Energy Enhancer

Immune Booster

Sexual Vigour

Oh my Gawd – If I take this I could seriously turn into Superwoman! – And trust me, with the abuse I give my body, I certainly need it.

About four hours after taking two capsules on the first morning, I got the fright of my life. My pee had turned luminous green. I rushed out to consult with my husband, whom I had also force-fed the capsules (they give you sexual vigour), and he concurred that his was rather green too. I was over the moon – After four hours my superwoman powers are already showing – Kryptonite has nothing on me!

Day three (pee is still green) my skin starts to break out – now at 30-something this is not the greatest thing; however, I console myself that this is the result of my blood becoming purified.

Week one down and I can start to tick off the rest of the positive effects. So, to conclude, I give the Fountainhead Whole Body Tonic a big thumbs up. I feel well armed going into the festive season with my bottle of capsules; after all, even Superwomen need all the help they can get.


Rating 5/5

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