Thursday October 6th 2022

She's a writer, mom, blogger and…uh, woman!

All these PHENOMENAL women are popping up all over my screen as I actually take the TIME (in the interests of research, of course), to search for them!

Petula writes a jam-packed blog stuffed with information, product reviews, personal thoughts, opinion pieces and photos. Love her ironic/tongue-in-cheek/read-it-twice slogan – woman last, all that other stuff first, second and third 🙂 .

Some of the topics she covers include : multiple sclerosis, sick children, weight loss, beating teen substance abuse and keeping kids safe.

Serious stuff, but she’s funny and her site is clean, slick and elegantly sprinkled with the right sort of advertisements (read : unobtrusive but interesting).

I am in classy company, here folks. And so I learn.

Read Petula here :