Thursday October 6th 2022

Number crunching – women want Pastel

Of the many requests we receive for content, quite a bit is about women seeking more information on accounting packages – particularly for work-from-home opportunities.

Grant Cooper is an authorised Pastel Accounting Software trainer based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He says :

“Pastel is one of the most sophisticated accounting software packages available in the South African market and is sought after by working women and school leavers to enhance their skills and favourably equip them for preferred employment in commerce and industry.”

Cooper says that out of 150 learners he trained this year, 140 were women and it is clearly what women want and need to empower themselves for employment opportunity.

Cooper can be contacted on +27 (0)73 244 1519 or emailed at for more detailed information about courses in your area, or suggestions on how to get started.

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