Saturday September 24th 2022

Review #1 : Aquafresh’s new gum is chewy-licious

When I was little, chewing gum was banned from my house. This rule was reinforced following an incident where I tried to hide my gum from my mom’s all seeing eyes by placing the chewed piece in my dress and closing my knees around it at the dinner table – suffice to say that it was the last time I had chewing gum until I was out of the house.  Even then, the nightmare of trying to peel off pieces of hardened gum from my dress and my mother’s wrath still haunted me, and I seldom chewed thereafter.

Reviewing the Aquafresh All-In-One gum was quite a novelty for me, and the look on my son’s face when I popped a little bubble was priceless.

Aquafresh Gum – Fresh Mint, Mild Mint and Whitening, are found at most supermarket check out counters for about R7.99. For those on the go, the slim pack is perfect for popping into your handbag.

The taste is great and it definitely freshens your breath -  ideal for those unexpected meetings after a lunch or smoke break. If I had to complain I guess it would be the staying power – after a couple of minutes the taste disappeared, as I am not an experienced “chewer” this hardly bothered me, as by that time I was quite eager to dispense of the gum anyway, and could look forward to the novelty later when I needed it.

Star rating : 3 out of 5

– Reviewed by DOMINIQUE GOTTE,
Source : Tynago Communications