Thursday October 6th 2022

Dust Buster drilling pouches a DIY enthusiast’s dream

Fuss Free Drilling

Decorland’s handy new gadget for DIY and professional enthusiasts – the Dust Buster – is a reusable dust-free drilling pouch to keep walls and carpets clean while drilling into masonry. I found it to be effective and easy to use and capable of accepting any drilling bit up to 8mm thick, although it may interfere with and hamper a drill’s depth-gauge attachment – something the manufacturer’s may want to consider in future design plans.

The lifespan of each reusable pouch will depend on the amount of dust extracted from the varying depths of holes drilled. During my test, one pouch comfortably handled the dust extracted from five holes, each 30mm deep, and the pouch’s adhesive pad adequately carried the increasing weight.

The Dust-Buster is available from Game stores countrywide and at R9.95 for a pack of three, it’s better than lugging around a vacuum cleaner or container to catch the dust, so I’ll happily keep it on the shelf, beside my drill, ready for the next new hole.
– Reviewed by BRUCE COOPER
Source : Tynago Comunications

Fuss-free drilling with the Dust Buster