Sunday September 25th 2022

Review #2 : Aquafresh’s new gum ain’t doing it for me, baby

The new range of Aquafresh sugar free chewing gum is advertised as having an improved formula and longer lasting taste, as well as helping to reduce plaque and protect your teeth.

I tested the Whitening and Fresh Mint flavours and was a bit disappointed.  I consider myself a serious gum chewer and always have some on hand.  I must admit I do have my own personal favourite brand and sadly the Aquafresh gum will not be replacing it.

I did not find the minty flavour sufficiently strong and long lasting, after a few chews the zingy, fresh “mintyness” was gone.  I also found that after a while the gum broke into small pieces, and had to do some serious tongue acrobatics to dislodge a little sticky ball from the back of my mouth.

This said, I do give the range points for the blister pack, it keeps the gum fresh, and ensures the individual pieces don’t fall out of the packaging.

I have no way of telling if my teeth have less plaque and are more protected than before so will just have to take Aquafresh’s word on that one.

The whitening gum retails for R8.99 while the other flavours go for a buck cheaper.

Star rating: 2.5 out of 5

Reviewed by GILL LANDMAN,

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