Saturday October 1st 2022

Aquafresh Interdental BUZZ Vibrating Toothbrush

As a rule, battery-operated vibrating toothbrushes do a better job of cleaning teeth and gums than their manual counterparts, and Aquafresh’s Interdental Buzz is no exception to this rule.

Its reassuring gentle vibrating action keeps it under easy control and gets the job done quickly and without harm to tender or affected gums. The longer central bristles of the efficiently designed brush head reach effectively into tooth gaps and cavities, while the shorter ones apply themselves to the essential cosmetic cleaning and polishing.

I’ve always been intrigued and amused by the strange zig-zag deviation in the spline of Aquafresh toothbrushes, as if the manufacturing process suddenly went horribly wrong. Today I discovered they call it their Iflex patented technology – and it works! It creates a kind of spring-like cushion to soften the action and avoid those nasty bumps against the gum that can result from using a hard unyielding spline. Nice feature!

I’d be tempted to give this product a 5-star rating but until I’ve tried competitors’ products I’m going to reserve judgement and give it a 4. Having said that, it wouldn’t surprise me if it eventually does come out on top and grab the 5. Oh, and a big and grateful thank you to Aquafresh for including a battery!