Saturday September 24th 2022

THE LAST LAUGH : New Year’s Resolution – Arrive Alive

While all around us are madly wondering where the best New Year’s Eve party is, and laughing about their plans, we’d like to take a minute here (before we join the party!) to have a Last Laugh of 2010. This was the year, after all, in which we plummeted headfirst towards the inevitable cement of our death, and while we’ve now got a bit of a grip (to the first floor balcony; grimly), we won’t ever shake the dreaded and awe full experience of the free fall. Not so much your life flashing before your eyes, as your death.

In some ways, we feel a little like the pregnant woman who goes over her due date. When every day people look at you slightly quizzically and say “Still here then?”. The relatives who start to mumble that the news of your impending death was highly overrated, and more than likely just an excuse for you to laze about a bit and take things easy while they sweated over the Christmas Dinner. You know in those last days of pregnancy when every time you call anyone they want to hear you’re in labour, or else quite frankly they’re not interested? There’s a little bit of that.

But what there also is, from those true and honest friends, who aren’t in this for the frisson of the near to near death experience, is a sense that maybe, just maybe, each day you live brings you closer to life, rather than closer to death. Each hurdle you scrape over, each block you stumble past, increases your chances of survival, rather than indicates death is nearer. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, the old wives say, and perhaps they did know something after all.

Facing a New Year with an Old Death Sentence is, basically, an odd experience. There’s an undeniable feeling that “this is it”. Whether or not the Mayans were right about 2012, this is likely to be OUR last year. Everything seems to balloon to terrifying proportions: forget the fever of the new millennium, planning your resolutions for the last year of your life is way scarier.

And so we’ve decided to do some together – for us, and, perhaps, for you. May 2011 be the start of great things, as well as, perhaps, the ending of some. May each day you live make you more alive.

1.      To laugh as much as possible

2.      To tell everyone we love that we love them, often, loudly, and possibly embarrassingly

3.      To go barefoot a lot

4.      Not to waste time worrying about things we can’t do anything about, no matter how tempting it might be

5.      To sing loudly in the traffic

6.      To be quick to apologise and forgive

7.      To listen to our doctors

8.      To listen to our hearts

9.      To drink too much champagne

10.  To embrace each day, each moment, as if it were the last

11.  To live fearlessly

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