Saturday September 24th 2022

The Spirit of Christmas (and New Year) Yet To Come…

Well, it’s nearly over for another year again. After all that fuss and bother here we are, left with half a turkey we’ll still be eating into the New Year, as a nation we’ve devoured enough sprouts to seriously erode the ozone layer, and a small forest of trees have laid down their lives for us in a final blaze of glory, consisting of twinkling lights and gaudy baubles, and tinsel that we’ll still be vacuuming out of the carpet next June!
I don’t know about you, but I’ve loved every minute of it.
So what’s next? Will the New Year start as usual with a whole host of good intentions that have faded by the end of January ( which will coincide with the length of time it takes the council to take your tree away I expect). We’ll all be in the same boat I suppose…hardly daring to look at the bank balance, side stepping the scales for at least a couple of months, and living on chocolate and tangerines for the best part of a month, because we’ve stockpiled enough to feed a small army, in case there was a shortage and rationing was declared overnight. Imagine….no chocolate, that really would constitute a state of emergency!!!
Ok, so I know I told you last installment to live in the now, and trust me, you really should, I don’t renege on that at all…but what I want to know is, when you look ahead, how far do you look, and what exactly are you looking for?
You see, I want to tell you a secret. Some of you might have heard of this already, but just put your hands down, stop squirming in your seats, put your fingers on your lips, and don’t spoil it for the others!
It is really, really important at times to look ahead, because you see, you can create your future.
“Oh, yeah right, I knew that.” I can hear you saying.
No, listen to me carefully and pay attention now…you CAN create your future.
Of course yes, you did know that didn’t you, you are perfectly aware that you are in charge of your life, and every decision you make will have an effect on it and on and on ad infinitum…
But you’re still not listening, honestly, it’s sooo much easier explaining this to children!
It all begins with wishing.
Yep, you know, that thing you did all the time when you were small. Wishing and hoping and dreaming and praying.
Remember that, before you got too old for such things, before you decided you were in charge, before everything you ever wanted became attainable if only you struggled, and worked hard, and persevered, and got on well with the boss, and wore the right deoderant… (by the way, that’s a con you know…nothing you spray on will have men and women fainting at your feet. However remaining unwashed for a large part of your life might make them a bit light headed if they get too close…was that really the result you wanted though?)
Sorry, I digress.
What do you really want out of life? Let’s take it as a given most of you are now shouting out MONEY. Well, that’s ok, don’t feel too guilty for not having loftier aspirations, after all, we all need it to live, despite being told by the Beatles that “All you need is love” I think you’ll find they forgot to add the subtext “…and a comfortable bank balance” because after all, it would ruin the flow of the song, and it just doesn’t scan well. Lennon and McCartney knew a thing or two about lyrics eh?
After all, money is not as some people say “the root of all evil”, no, the correct saying is that “the love of money, is the root of all evil”.
So there you have it, you can feel comfortable about wanting more money in your life, so long as it is not the be all and end all…let’s remember, useful as it is, money is just a means to an end. Incidentally millionaires although they became, The Beatles didn’t set out with the intention of becoming millionaires…they set out having fun, creating music they believed in, enjoying entertaining folk, and having fun as only young men of a certain age know how to do! The vast wealth they amassed was purely a by product.
Are you still with me?
The point behind this meandering speil is this. Whether you happen to be a Beatle, or Joe Bloggs from down the road. Your life is yours to create. Here’s the catch… you have to have a dream, and even more importantly, you have to believe in that dream!
Everything that ever was, or ever will be, began as a thought, a dream, a wish, a desire in someones head and more importantly, their heart. (like in the Disney song…”A dream is a wish your heart makes…” right?). We do it all the time, right now, somewhere inside me a desire is is taking form in my head as the need to make a cup of tea before I go any further. (I’m not overly ambitious as you can see).
Now, you see, I can easily manage that dream, I can visualise the cuppa, then I can physically go into the kitchen…
But, what if I had a bigger dream?
You may recall a previous article I wrote about energy, how everything is energy moving in and out of form. Wishes and dreams are energy too. And when you send them out into the Universe, they begin to attract your desire to you.
One of the main reasons we don’t always get what we want is because deep down, we don’t really believe we can have it, or that it’s possible for us. We send the dream away by declaring things like “I never have any luck”, “Good things never happen to me”, “No-body will ever find me attractive”…and guess what? If this is what you focus on most…you get your wish,,,the Universe always validates whatever you truly believe!
This is why positive affirmations are a good idea, you might not truly believe them at first, but give them a go, look at yourself in the mirror and smile, say “Wow, I look good today.” Tell yourself how intelligent/attractive/charming you are. Imagine other people remarking on it too. Tell yourself you’re a powerful money magnet, that you’re lucky, that you intend to live a charmed live. And keep saying it till it’s almost second nature. Fake it till you make it as they say…well, why not?
Dream big, the house you want to live in, the location, the fabulous partner, the beautiful healthy children, the interesting career…the possibilities are endless, and be sure, when the opportunities show up…ACT on them!
The more you can dream about the life you truly desire, the more you transmit the energy waves that attract it. Find ways to believe it, good things happen all the time you know, why not for you?
The future is yours for the taking.
Now just get out there and live!

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