Thursday October 6th 2022

Motivational speakers say South Africa can – and will – shine.

It is time to reignite a conversation of possibility – to enter the new year with fresh enthusiasm and a renewed sense of optimism.

This is the core message Benjamin and Rosamund Zander, world-renowned motivational speakers and co-authors of the international bestseller The Art of Possibility, will bring to South Africa on Tuesday, 25 January in Cape Town and on Friday, 28 January in Johannesburg.

Ben Zander, a highly esteemed conductor and speaker on leadership, joined forces with Roz, a therapist and life coach, to spread the message of their model of “possibility thinking” to anyone who was willing to listen. By teaching the “art of possibility”, people learn to develop to their full potential and be as productive as they can be.

After their extremely successful South African national tour in 2008 that included presentations, workshops, meetings and musical events, their return at the start of 2011 promises to inspire South Africans even further to see how our country, and each one of us, can thrive with possibility.

Ben’s presentations promise not to leave anyone in the audience untouched. His captivating presentation skills uniquely integrate his talents as a conductor with inspiring messages such as “everyone loves classical music, they just haven’t found out about it yet!”. Ben is a distinguished speaker at various main events around the globe and he is also one of the most watched speakers on For a taste of his enchanting technique of delivering his message of living a life of contribution, click on

During their visit, the Zanders will be launching the DVD South Africa: Alive with possibility, aiming to enable even more people to experience Ben’s presentation and learn how to transform their professional and personal lives. Ben’s message and tools encourage great leadership development and the Zanders are excited about how this approach offers significant growth and transformation opportunities to South Africans in leadership positions.

“I believe South Africa is filled with opportunities,” Ben says. “We want to show South Africans how it is your job to create space and an environment where everyone can flourish – where each and every voice can be heard.”

Once again The Art of Possibility workshops are brought to South Africa by Symphonia Leadership Development.

For information and bookings, contact Kerrie-Lee Brand at

About Benjamin and Rosamund Zander

Benjamin Zander is the highly esteemed conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, but also a world-renowned speaker on leadership. Through stories, music and concepts he takes his audience on an epic journey, causing a radical shift in perception. In his presentation, Ben shows a new model of leadership, using his skill and knowledge of conducting, coaching and teaching musicians to release passion, creativity and the desire to contribute in us all.

Rosamund Zander is a therapist, coach and pioneer in the field of leadership and relationship. Being the creator of many of the ideas Ben uses in his presentations, Roz’s work focuses on growth and creating pathways to lives that are authentic and meaningful.

Their book The Art of Possibility has been translated into 16 languages and remains a bestseller. For more information, visit or

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