Saturday September 24th 2022

How safe is teeth whitening?


Over time ageing and lifestyle factors (smoking, drinking red wine, drinking coffee and tea) will cause the appearance of your teeth to deteriorate due to build up of stains. Today there are many options available to whiten teeth and you will be pleased to know many teeth whitening procedures have been clinically and laboratory tested to be a safe and effective  to whiten teeth. In this article we will talk about bleaching techniques using peroxide to whiten teeth.

Teeth whitening products have undergone extensive research and development over the last couple of decades. Australian company, Barros Laboratories Pty Ltd, were one of the pioneering companies researching teeth whitening ingredients and products from the beginning and have been producing their range of White Glo products for the mainstream market since the early 1990’s.

When using any whitening product, it is important to follow the instructions on the pack or as advised by your dentist. There are often concerns that teeth bleaching (whitening) systems cause teeth sensitivity, however, all White Glo products benefit from extensive research and development to reduce this risks.

The reason why White Glo whitening gels are superior is because of their more advanced, well-buffered formulation and their lower, yet-as-effective, levels of  peroxide (the active ingredient which whitens teeth and which may also cause temporary tooth sensitivity). The superior formulation in White Glo’s Express Whitening Systems yield better results than competing brands due to the patented Micro-Pockets Technology and Mouthtrays that comes with each White Glo system. The advanced formulation means that tWhite Glo whitening gels maintain superior contact against the tooth enamel, thereby yielding a better, pain free result compared to competitor products that use higher concentrations but which could potentially cause pain and sensitivity.

Look out for this product at leading retailers – and let us know if it works!

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