Sunday September 25th 2022

Revive your post-holiday hair – naturally!


Most of us look and feel our best this time of year after a bit of sunshine, exercise and rest. But the one part of our body that’s often worse for wear is our hair. Sea salt, pool chemicals and too much sun exposure can leave our locks brittle, dried out and in need of some care. As we make and try fervently to stick to New Year’s Resolutions, remember to include some TLC for your hair.

For those who dye their hair, consider Herbatint – a gentler no-Ammonia permanent hair dye that provides 100% grey coverage and more conditioning, lasting colour. With no ammonia, resorcinol or paraben and substantially lower concentrations of PPD (diaminobenzenes/ phenylenediamines) and Hydrogen Peroxide than conventional hair dyes, not only is Herbatint a lot safer for you but it’s also a lot milder on your hair without the distinctive smell and burning sensation we’re so used to. Hair is simply left in superior condition.

Formulated with botanicals, proteins and vegetable extracts, Herbatint achieves a beautiful, completely effective permanent colour without damaging the hair structure, while nourishing, protecting and conditioning the hair and scalp. The ingredients that work to treat your hair include Aloe Vera, Meadowfoam, Witch Hazel, Betula Alba (White Birch) and Echinacea.

You need an alkalising ingredient as part of the hair dying process, but Herbatint uses plant-based alkalines, with Aloe Vera, that have a maximum PH level of 8.5 (ammonia is 12.5), which avoids structural damage to the hair shaft. This also means that once the colour pigments have been deposited, the hair cuticle can be re-closed reducing the phenomenon of dryness and split ends and resulting in far less colour fade.

The origins of Herbatint go back to the 1960’s and a family business in Italy founded by Michele Albergo, following his inheritance of the formulas and research of a famous Swiss herbalist to whom he’d been apprenticed. Albergo had a passionate love for plants and nature and after lengthy research found a way of protecting the hair structure by reducing chemical ingredients and exploiting the natural synergy offered by certain vegetable extracts in its place. The line is now available in over 30 countries around the world and is the market leader in herbal hair colour.

The line also contains the Intensive Aloe Vera Normalizing Shampoo and Intensive Aloe Vera Royal Cream conditioner, which work in conjunction with Herbatint to completely close the hair cuticle and lock in the colour. The Intensive Aloe Vera Solution protects your hair and scalp from irritation, tones the scalp and invigorates hair at the root. Its active ingredient of Aloe Vera has been enriched with wheat, mallow leaf extract and nettle leaf extract which soothe the scalp whilst moisturising and nourishing the hair. Those who want to give their hair dyeing a break can enjoy these products too as they work beautifully on uncoloured hair.

Though many associate natural hair dyes with mess and limited colour choice, Herbatint is easy to use, and is available in 30 natural and fashion shades including ‘Flash Fashion’ adventurous colours such as Henna Red, Crimson Red, Plum, Violet, Sand Blonde and Orange.

Herbatint is available online at, and some retailers.

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