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The Greatest Love Of All

It’s that time of year again, red roses being sold by the truckload, chocolates in heart shaped boxes, teddy bears displaying the sentiments “Be Mine” or “Love you” all over their fluffy tummies, and red and pink cards drenched in so much sentiment you feel nauseous before you’ve opened the envelope.
Yes, it’s almost Valentines Day, and love it or hate it, it will come and go as it does every year on the 14th February.
Personally I don’t mind it, I’m not the overly romantic type, but its a good excuse for a pressie and a bright card to plonk in a corner of the room, and a chance to show my husband a bit of appreciation.
Valentines Day – it’s all about love isn’t it?
I really don’t do mushy stuff, but I have a few thoughts on the subject, so now seems as an appropriate time as any to tell you them.
Love, real love, is a wonderful thing.
You may recall I have said everything is energy, and that energy is a vibration. Well, love is the highest form of energetic vibration there is, and as energy it can never be destroyed, and therefore, that old saying is true  : “Love never dies”.
It transcends death.
Some of you may know a little about me by now, I am not a practising medium, I will not be found on a stage anywhere soon, or sat in a caravan with a scarf round my head, I have never asked anyone to cross my palm with silver, and so far I have (fortunately) never been called on to perform any sort of exorcism or house clearance (apart from the type where you parcel up loads of junk and tote it off to a charity shop!).
I do however know an awful lot about these things, and I have experienced enough to tell you without a doubt the other side exists. In fact I have had so much evidential experience I’ve taken the time and trouble to write an entire book about it (Ancestors and Angels,out mid March through Amazon, in case you were wondering), so I won’t go into too much explanation here.
I just want to assure you, because we will or have all felt the pain of bereavement at sometime in our lives, that physical death is most certainly not the end.
It is just the start of something new.
The love remains like a link that will not be broken, and everytime you think about your departed one, it rings out to them as if you had a telephone line to Heaven… and sometimes, if you keep your heart and mind open, they find a way to return the call!
There is another type of love, it is often overlooked. In fact it is most often overlooked by those who need love most.
It is the sort of love that people who long for romance and yet never seem to find it, really need.
It is self love.
Oh, look how you all recoiled in horror!
Self love, what is this woman saying? Aren’t we getting out of the bounds of the spiritual and into the realms of the physical here, aren’t we talking about ego, and selfishness and pride…
Well, actually no.
I’m not, but you all feel free to argue amongst yourselves for a bit .
What I’m saying is, how many of you, men and women alike, take a glance (if you dare) in the mirror every morning, and immediately start picking yourself to pieces?
Come on, own up.
Look, I’ll start. Much as I like to picture myself as Angelina Jolies slightly better looking twin sister, when I catch sight of myself in the mirror that’s not exactly what I see.
No, what I see is a slightly round shouldered woman, looking a bit spherical and decidedly dumpy in an oversized spotted dressing gown, with bottle bottom glasses, and protruberant teeth, and rather straggly long hair that’s a bit thin on top…
But you know what this funny little woman has that I like… a huge smile that splits her face from ear to ear, and her eyes (tiny behind the glasses admittedly) are twinkling and laughing back at me.
Because thats what I do when I look in the mirror, I look at myself and chuckle. Not in a nasty, sneering derisive way, more in a “Oh gosh, there I am, is that what I look like today?” sort of way.
Well, why not?
This is who I am, every line on my face, every grey hair on my head has been bought and paid for by the life I’ve lived so far. Some might say I’ve kept my figure, and added to it, so what?
You see, I learnt from a very young age, that quite possibly I wasn’t going to grow up to be a super model. No-one is so discriminating or cruel as other children, and when you face life through lenses from the age of five, with teeth like tombstones and a croaky voice, well what can you do?
I wasn’t raised in a family that did crawling under a rock and staying there, so I had to accept me as I was.
I decided if someone didn’t like what they saw, that said more about them than it did about me.
So, once I’d got that straight, I decided to like myself exactly as I was, and it really wasn’t too much of an effort, because despite my physical imperfections, I’m actually a pretty nice person.
A bit weird, slightly quirky perhaps. It doesn’t seem to stop me making friends wherever I go.
And ok, I didn’t grow up with boys exactly falling at my feet… thank God for that, with my eyesight imagine the tripping hazard?
But one did, just the one that mattered. Thirty two years ago when we first met, so I guess this relationship might last.
Enough about me. The point I’m trying to make is this… I can’t begin to tell you how many beautiful people I see out there, who spend all their lives primping and posing, changing this, chopping that, getting bigger ones or smaller ones, or having something lifted, tucked, shaved, frozen by injection… or hiding behind a pair of expensive shoes, or designer handbag, or spending every penny on labelled clothes… and I want to scream at them…
Right now, stop this lunacy!
They won’t you know, and if on some level it makes them happy, well, no harm done.
But the key to real happiness is to love yourself, exactly as you are. Some people call it “being in your power” or “having self belief”.
That is the most important thing.
Because until you love yourself, and accept yourself, and know who you are…how can you ever expect anyone else to?
Inner love radiates out, it give you a magnetic glow that draws others to you.
It doesn’t matter what you look like, what age or sex you are, creed, colour, size…
It’s like Christina Aguillera sings “You are beautiful”
So get looking in that mirror and give yourself a big, sincere smile every morning.
Start today.
After all, if I can do it…
About Jane
I am a forty-something mother of three grown up children, married to Mark for 25 years. Currently in the process of setting up my own publishing company. My first book, Ancestors & Angels will be out early next year, and a second and third book are already in the pipeline. I come from a long line of both psychics and sceptics, and as a result of this I am a student of Theosophy, I look at science, religion and the paranormal to find the common ground between them. Unravelling the mysteries of the Universe is the theme running through all my books. I have lived in Yorkshire all my life, and my greatest loves are reading, history, and travelling round Britain collecting weird and wonderful stories to re-tell. Visit my site :

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