Sunday September 25th 2022

KISS everlasting French false nails a winner

Our beauty reviewer, professional make-up artist MARIKE DE GROOT, tests the limits with a new nail kit on the block.

I must admit, I’ve never been a false nail girl, even though I am in the beauty industry.  Being a make-up artist, it doesn’t seem practical to me, as I sometimes have to use my fingers.  I guess the memory of my mother’s friend who had extremely long falsies, my question to her of how she ever gets anything done and the horrified look on her face, also has something to do with it.

Kiss everlasting French false nails claim to be patented technology, better than salon nails, guaranteed chip free, contain more of the popular sizes (28 nails) and also come in a real short length!  I tried them out for 8 days – one day beyond the recommended 7 working days.

I was pleasantly surprised with these false nails, which you can apply iyourself in 10 minutes.  It was really easy as each nail has a removable self-tab which you bend down and twist once you glue it on with the pink gel glue.  All the instructions are on the box, and it’s important to follow them, especially with regards to removal, as doing it incorrectly will damage the nails if not soaked off properly.  Another word of advice is to be careful not to accidentally get some of the glue on your finger tips when you press the nails down, as it will leave a little glue patch.

After day 7 the nails started lifting on the sides, so I won’t recommend that anyone wear them any longer than that.  I received many compliments, and my boyfriend did not even pick up that they were false, which was a good sign to me.  I had a make-up client and her entourage to attend to whilst wearing the false nails and even built a sand castle with my 5 year old,, all with perfect nails and no problems!

I rate Kiss everlasting French false nails 4 out of 5.

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