Saturday October 1st 2022


SENSODYNE makes the somewhat bold claim ‘Instant and Long-lasting Relief for Sensitive Teeth in Sixty Seconds’ for its new Rapid Action toothpaste. That’s about as quick as it takes to get a drive-thru burger from McDonald’s! So, with a little apprehension and a lot of incredulity I decided to confront a troublesome and touchy lower premolar with my new ally. Surprisingly we pipped McDonald’s at the post and instead of egg on my face I was left with foam in my mouth.

So it works, but I wondered why. I thought McDonald’s had the edge on speed?

Some research revealed it has gone through substantial clinical testing and fine tuning to beat the burger. The reason for its arrival is that over-zealous tooth brushing, tooth grinding (particularly at night) and enamel erosion create tiny channels in the teeth, laying the foundation for painful sensitivity when hot or cold foods flow into them. Sensodyne Rapid Action’s role in all of this is to block the exposed channels and provide a protective seal against sensitivity – which it does quicker than McDonald’s can turn out their burger.

And, apart from filling the gaps, it’s a nice, foamy toothpaste!

Reviewed by BRUCE COOPER


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  • Eva Linde says:

    Hej! Är stadig kund på Sensodyne tandcreme! Den bästa tycker jag för mina tandhalsar. Har köpt Rapid länge men på Coop i Örnsköldsvik påstår dom att den upphört. Så den finns inta att köpa nu. Vad ska jag ersätta den med. Har provat Pro-Emalj men den innehåller ju inget flour så då kan man ju inte ta den. Ge mig ett råd tack!
    MVH Eva Linde Wattmansv. 21 89143 Örnsköldsvik

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