Thursday October 6th 2022

PANSA’S online festival for Cape Town’s performing artists is back!

100 stages and You – ctlive1.0
PANSA’s online festival for Cape Town’s performing artists is back!

After the BETA version in 2010, PANSA is proud to bring back the improved ctlive1.0 this March.  The mission is the same but the goal is bigger:  join the creative forces of Western Cape’s performing artists with the transmedia outreach of the internet to make the live online. The theme for this year’s festival, 100 stages and You, transposes you and your art to as many platforms as your audience can click on.

The festival week runs from March the 21st to the 25th and with each day, a new challenge, a new prize. Our select panel of experts will go through all the submissions until they pick the one that best fuses the online with the live.  If you are the one to submit it, the prize of the day will be yours.  Everything but the prize is online:

An image, an audio clip, or a line of text gets posted online. You have the whole day to dream up any kind of performance and put it online.
Tuesday 22nd – TRAILER TUESDAY
Showcase your marketing and your audio/video editing. Upload a short clip that makes us want to buy tickets for your show.
Wednesday 23rd – TWEET A PLAY
The BETA festival favorite is back! Grab yourself an online partner, take an hour in your day and write a play – using TWITTER and its TWEETS only!
Thursday 24th – LESSONPOD
For those who want to spread their teachings to the online masses, submit a lesson podcast in any performance art field and let’s see if you pass the LESSONPOD test.
Friday 25th – BEST OF THE BLOG
All month long we will be following the performance art bloggers of our area, who will entertain us and enrich us with their stories, comments, photos, videos and posts. Then on this, the final day of the festival, we pick the best blog of them all.

But that is only one part of the festival, as, in the build up to CTLive1.0, PANSA offers you the opportunity to upgrade your online skills with the help of some industry professionals. The Tuesdays in March workshops take you through some practical elements of building your own online empire, as well as helping you enter the thoughtspace of web2.0.

8th – Plot and Plan, with the ctlive team
A practical workshop on developing an online marketing plan. What factors should you consider? Which channels should you explore? We talk you through ctlive1.0s online marketing plan, and give you some tools to start building your own.
15th – Free web platforms, with Luca Vincenzo
We let you in on a little secret: how to make your own website, FREE! We will be creating a WordPress site for ctlive1.0, and we’ll let you see exactly what’s going on behind those scenes, as well as showing you Yola’s free website options. One artist, one website!
22nd – Going Viral, with Miriam Mannak
We investigate what it means to “go viral” online. We show you examples of viral videos or campaigns that have tickled our fancy, and we urge you to create your own.
29th – Analyse This, with Marc Howell
When the pixels have settled, we look at how to use Google Analytics, what all those stats really mean, and how to use them in reporting.

However you decide to participate we look forward to meeting you online and onstage. With this festival, PANSA’s aim is to encourage and increase the participation of South Africa’s performing artists on the Internet.  After the month of March all those who join in the festival can see their work jump from one stage to a hundred.

All the workshops will be held at PANSA’s offices, Liquidlime Studios, 3b Beach Rd, 10 – 12. Workshops are R30 for members, and R100 for non-members. Buy in bulk: members pay R90 for all four, non-members pay R300 for all.

Want to take part in our workshops but not in Cape Town? No problem! Thanks to the power of the web, you can join us from anywhere there’s a modem. Email us to find out more.

For more information about Festival Challenges and Workshop Topics, as well as participation registration: visit or or email us

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