Thursday October 6th 2022

The “glow” of success

Spiritual author and writer Jane Cranmer poses some interesting questions and conundrums for seekers – and non-seekers.

Hello everybody, long time no see!

Things have been a bit manic in the Cranmer residence recently.

First my husband “pretended” to have a heart attack… it was a very good simulation, we had to be rushed up to the hospital in an ambulance with the blue lights flashing, and a siren whistling and everything… only to discover it wasn’t actually a heart attack. (Which made him feel a bit of a fraud, so he almost wished he had had one… don’t ask, male logic!)

Anyway, the main thing is he’s alive to tell the tale (except he isn’t telling it, I am), and it turns out he has a condition called pericarditis. This is an inflammation of the membrane around the heart, rather painful, creates symptoms not dissimilar to a heart attack, but is non-life threatening.

So, that’s all right then. Ok, he might beg to differ, but he’s been getting lots of tea and sympathy, so it’s not all bad!

In the middle of this drama I gave birth.

Now, I know what you are thinking, I never told you I was pregnant.

That’s because I wasn’t.

My new baby is the long awaited book!!!

Ancestors & Angels was safely delivered to me on the morning of March 14th by an unsuspecting courier who couldn’t even begin to guess the value of the precious package he was carrying.

Since then it has been fussed over, admired, agonised about, discussed and paraded around the town. No newborn was more proudly displayed, or had caused as much agony in its conception and birth.

Alright, that’s a slight exaggeration maybe, but it’s what we writers like to do… it’s known as poetic licence I believe.

Part of becoming a published Author is the expectation you will now wish to discuss and elaborate on your achievement with the world at large.

I don’t know who came up with that idea.

Speaking for myself, being the shy retiring type, part of the reason that I chose writing as a vocation, is because I’m an anti-social recluse who likes to keep herself to herself, and is never happier than when closeted in a securely locked room with only herself for company… I don’t even use a mobile phone for goodness sake!



Somehow I found myself agreeing to my first ever speaking engagement with my wonderful pal Dean, who is an incredible psychic medium, unlike myself, who is a psychic large, but the diet starts next week honest! (I can hear the groans already… well, the jokes don’t improve, and you must have known what you were letting yourself in for if you’ve read any of my previous articles!)

So, I found myself taking part in “An Evening of Mediumship with Dean James Fox”.

This entailed a preamble about the world of Spirit, who we are, what we do and a bit of my shamelessly plugging the book – “Ancestors & Angels” – the one and only book that is a must for everybody and their mother this year! (See what I did there; let’s hear it for the subliminal messages inherent in the text.)

Anyway, it seemed to go well… no-one threw anything, we weren’t booed offstage, no-one walked out, and the most likely hecklers in the crowd (my husband Mark and friend Sandra) were deliberately seated where I could see them and cast a hex on them if it looked at all warranted!

The first part over I sank into my seat and imbibed a large Bacardi and coke, that was the most appreciated spirit present that evening I can tell you!

Dean did his demonstration, and he was fabulous.

However, much to my surprise our evening didn’t end there.

A flock of folk appeared to ask Dean and myself several questions on “the other side” and the paranormal. Then to my astonishment I was asked to “perform” myself!

A few people wanted me to read their auras.

I have been able to see auras for the past five or six years, ever since I began to develop my psychic abilities. It was something I did naturally as a small child, but I had forgotten about it for an intervening period of around thirty years… in fact I would have told you I doubted the existence of such things, until I began to see them again.

Nonetheless, I don’t see them all the time; and I’ve never attempted it on demand before.

But, they all looked so hopeful I said I’d give it a go.

The willing victims stood against a fire escape door, the only pale thing in the room, and I gazed dutifully at their heads.

You can imagine the scene. I could hear my husband (the unbeliever) chuckling to my friend “Ey up, what’s going on here then?”

I continued to stare earnestly at the space above and around their heads, wondering if they felt as strangely uncomfortable as I did. After all, we’re British, we don’t usually make eye contact until we’re practically related, and here I was, invited to tune into the deepest secrets of their psyche!

Slowly colours started to emerge, and I was delighted to discover I understood what they represented.

The first chap had warm reds and oranges, indicating energy, enthusiasm and a lust for life. I noticed he also had a deep green running down the left hand side of his face from his ear to his jawline. To me when I see this green it represents healing, so I enquired if he’d had any sort of pain, such as earache, on that side. He confirmed he had had toothache all afternoon, but it was easing now. I refrained from dancing around the room shouting “YES”, I reminded myself I’m SUPPOSED to know what I’m doing.

Next came a young girl with a lovely pink aura, which told me she was a gentle, loving soul. Bubbles of blue were floating through the pink, which I always see in people developing psychic ability. When I mentioned this she was delighted, as she confirmed she has been seeing and hearing relatives who had passed on since she was small.

Finally a rather inebriated young chap swayed around in front of me with a big grin on his face. I could see oranges and browns around his head. This was definitely a practical, well-grounded chap. Although bizarrely he had a belt of pure gold light around his throat. Mediums always light up gold from head to toe for me, my friend Dean was positively glowing that night on stage. I told this chap he clearly had the gift if he wanted to do it. The throat chakra admits clairaudience (clear hearing), so I wonder how often he hears folk talking incoherently to him.

If he drinks that much most nights probably quite a lot!

I came home tired and happy. A few folk had got more than they bargained for that night.

Including yours truly.

Remember “Ancestors & Angels” out now through Amazon and available to order at Waterstones. (You will not recall reading this, you will just feel a strong desire to buy a new book).

Till next time  – mesmerism for beginners.

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