Saturday October 1st 2022

Revlon cosmetics top class!

Phenomenal stuff, says professional beauty reviewer MARIKE DE GROOT

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain is my favourite lip product for Winter that’s for sure!  The pen on the one side makes for a beautiful stained lip which looks like it has “just been bitten”, where the other side is a balm to apply over the colour to moisten your lips, but not in a glossy manner at all, and I love the light feeling of it, but yet the colour stays put.  It is important however how you apply this lip pen.  The idea for it is to be applied from the inside of the lips to the outside, to create a romantic look and not to use it as a “lipliner”, so there will be no definite lip line drawn.  When the colour is applied, wait two seconds for it to dry before applying the balm.  It is a beautiful way to liven and freshen up any Winter look.

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation is a liquid foundation which is oil and fragrance free, and protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun with it’s SPF 20.  This light weight foundation that blends easily contains microscopic light particles which reflects in light and creates the illusion of flawless skin, and I found brightens up dull looking skin!  The shade which you apply to your skin is also the true colour which will reflect on photo’s, so no more white faces!  I was also impressed with the shade I tried, as it looked natural.  This foundation also comes in a compact with mirror which is convenient for those touch ups.  What I found interesting was the strip of gauze over the compact foundation which controls the amount you use, and keeps it all intact and neat.

Revlon Touch & Glow Loose Powder is a translucent powder which also contains small light particles like the foundation.  I would recommend anyone to apply a thin layer of powder after foundation as this sets the foundation, and allows easier blending of make-up to follow.  Some use powder puffs, but I would recommend a big face brush for a more natural look.  Never forget a little rouge on the cheeks with a smaller brush, as this is much needed for a healthy look.  Just always keep natural in mind.  Revlon has beautiful blushers in different shades for all skin tones to choose from as well as bronzers for a healthy glow or to add a little extra glam for that night out!

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara really rocked my boat, and those around me!  So many people asked me if I had eyelash extensions done.  I must confess…there is one mascara I loved, which is very known under the make-up artists.  When I opened the box containing all the make-up to try out, I picked up the mascara and thought “what are the chances”?  When I mentioned it to my friend, she again looked at me with dismay and said “I’m just so tired of searching for the one, so I’m just sticking to the one I know”.  I convinced her to try it out as well.  The result?  Long, thick, sexy, sultry lashes in just two coats!  Revlon seems to know their stuff when it comes to clever applicators!  This one you can adjust by turning the wand to either 1.  “Length & Drama”  or 2.  “Length & Definition”, and the bristles adjust accordingly.  Like magic!  A little trick from your side would be to wait a couple of seconds before applying the second coat.

Top Speed Nail Enamels are long lasting, and quite shiny considering I didn’t apply a top coat like I always do. It also sets in about a minute, ready for the second coat.  There are many extremely fashionable colours to choose from.  I love the colour “Jaded”, which is a light “mint” green.  When I wore all black, it ensured for that extra little fashion factor that just made the outfit!

Colorburst Lipgloss comes in the most gorgeous “lipsmacking, looks good enough to eat” lipshades, it would be impossible to walk out the shop with only one!

The texture is long lasting, but also not too sticky.  I find if you apply one thin coat, it looks like a tinted lipgloss…which is easy to achieve with the clever flexi, soft tip applicator.  Apply a thicker coat, and you will have a strong shiny shade.  A absolute must for those corporate power suit days!

Custom Eyes Eye Shadow comes in five different shades per palette.  I was rather amazed at how long the colour lasted on my eyes.  I applied it early in the morning, and that evening it still looked good, even in photo’s!  The different colour themes are all very “today”, and there is also a sketch on the back of the palette which guides one how to apply all these beautiful shades.  Please note that I used the word “guide”, as there is no fast hard rules when it comes to make-up.  It is always good to experiment with different looks, and not to get stuck in your usual look.  Always remember though that you should wear the make-up, and not the other way around.


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