Saturday October 1st 2022

Braun Series 3 Wet and Dry a welcome close shave

My husband is a bit of a Yeti where facial hair is concerned.  I mean this in the most positive sense. He has a delightful and manly goatee, as well as a shiny, wavy dark shock of hair which curls enviably.

Thing is, he can’t stand shaving. It’s a schlep; it leaves hair everywhere (note – he doesn’t leave the hair; the hair evades capture in the sink all by itself) and he hogs the bathroom during the ritual like a man possessed.

This then, is the reason I love the new Braun shaver thingie – or ‘Braun Series 3 Wet and Dry’, to give its proper name.

Husband can use it anywhere, at any time. He won’t part with it, in fact. When he went away recently, it’s what he packed first.

The point of any new product is its usefulness. But the REAL point of any product is how well it works for a woman.

And this one does.

We’ve already run a blurb about this awesome little number, but here’s some more info :

After a crazy weekend of non-stop action from parties, sport, gaming, dating and all the stuff in between, shaving is the last thing on your mind. With about 50,000 hairs on your face, all growing about 0.04cm every 24 hour resulting in that prickly Monday morning stubble, it is time to say goodbye to the weekend and hello to smooth skin. The new Braun Series 3 Wet and Dry shaver will do just that. With a triple action free float system that has three fully adaptive cutting elements including a combination of two foils combined with a middle trimmer, the new Braun Series 3 Wet and Dry will ensure your skin is smooth and comfortable. A Precision lock switch on the upper range of Braun Series 3 shavers allows you to lower and fix the front foil and the central long hair trimmer for a really high-precision shave, meaning you start the week with confidence, looking your absolute best. “We know that many men now happily cultivate a bit of stubble over the weekends with their on-the-go lifestyle. With the Series 3 shavers, we want to make sure that the end of the weekend and the transition back into ‘work mode’ is as smooth as possible,” says Jason Frichol, Head of Marketing for the Fore Good Group, distributors and brand custodians for Braun in South Africa. Braun Series 3 Wet and Dry shavers are easily adaptable to suit a fast-paced morning routine. With Series 3 rechargeable shavers there’s no cord to get in the way, every Braun Series 3 shaver is also suitable for washing under the tap, making them reassuringly safe and clean. The LED displays make it easy for you to see at a glance when your shaver is charged, removing another complication from that hectic Monday morning. And for any man that cares about appearances, the Braun Series 3 Wet and Dry should suit your style as well as your skin. Water blue with a slim, ergonomic handle, these shavers won’t need to be hidden in the bathroom cabinet. And when you’re travelling on business, they’re perfect to pack: each shaver comes with a soft pouch for carrying meaning it can slip safely and unobtrusively into your overnight bag, giving you a smooth and painless start to your day, wherever you are.

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  • electric shaver reviews says:

    The only problem I see with this Braun Series 7 is that it is quite expensive
    for most. It’s black and silver casing is tough and durable if not a little cheap looking. You may draw more attention to your red, puffy face than if you had left the hair alone.

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