Saturday October 1st 2022

New teen product to prevent exam stress


Teenguard – A Natural Way to Prevent Exam Stress


Exam time stress is common amongst teenagers and young children, This stress is debilitating and can cause anxiety before and during tests and it is not uncommon that a student who gets good grades does not produce good exam results due to this stress.


Stress is your body’s normal response to excitement, challenges and sometimes a little bit of stress can spur one on to do better but chronic stress depletes energy and affects behaviour as well affects the immune system making one prone to colds and other infections.




Here are a few tips to guide you through that stressful exam period


Prepare, know your work, do not leave studying to the last minute

Eat Well, avoid very sugary foods

Exercise regularly

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Supplement – stress depletes the body of certain vitamins.

Stay Hydrated

Think Positive

Try various relaxation techniques


Teen Guard for Guys and Girls is a multivitamin and super B complex that :

  • Helps alleviate stress
  • Helps Boost energy
  • Helps build immunity
  • Helps promote healthy hormone development
  • Helps keep skin healthy

Teen Guard also has a product called Brain Fuel Soft Chews which are high in both EPA and DHA which play an important role in developing and monitoring aspects of  brain and eye function such as concentration and learning abilities. Teen Guard’s Brain Fuel Soft Chews, offer a convenient and great tasting way to get the Omega-3 essential fatty acids that the body needs, into the daily diet, with NO FISHY AFTER TASTE!

Reports have shown  the following:

  • Improves learning abilities
  • Minimizes behavior problems
  • Develops brain and eye function
  • No fishy after taste
  • Mood enhancement

Recommended Retail prices

Teenguard Guys – R105.23

Teenguard Girls – R105.23

Teen Guard Brain Fuel – R268.85

Teenguard products are available from all leading pharmacies countrywide


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