Thursday October 6th 2022

South African cricket : a crying shame


At a Cricket South Africa meeting this afternoon, a vote of No Confidence was passed to oust incumbent president Dr Mtutuzeli Nyoka. Dr Nyoka, an ethical man, recently called for an investigation into CSA’s finances and fingered Director Gerald Majola as an alleged fraudster. The real reason for wanting Nyoka removed should be clear to any sensibly-minded observer: Nyoka would be a thorn in the flesh of corruption in the making and an unwelcome scrutiniser of future dodgy rich pickings. It is far easier to spread spoils among rogues when a whistle-blower is absent. The recent move by CSA to appoint a convicted fraudster to the top cricket post in the Eastern Cape should serve as an indication of where this suspicious coterie is headed. Please vent your spleen against this outrage wherever you can.

The citizens of this country are constantly being treated as fools in their own backyard by rhetorically-laden and smooth-talking rogues whose sole purpose is avarice. If CSA are allowed to continue in this vein, the ripple effect will be felt on the playing field.


Bruce Cooper


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