Sunday September 25th 2022

Single on V-Day? Try a little me, myself and US time!

We received a presser from Pure Romance, which hosts fabby parties for singletons. No matter where you are in the world, we love the idea of getting together to celebrate LOVE and LAUGHTER – regardless of whether you’re hooked up or not.

Ok, so it’s about buying stuff at the end of the day. But then, if you were offered a ‘relationship enhancement aid’, wouldn’t you wonder what the hell it was? And be tempted to try it?


There are few dates on the single girl’s calendar as potentially depressing as Valentine’s Day. If you do find yourself unattached come 14 February, don’t despair: a fabulous all-girls’ singles’ night is sure to banish the blues.

Gather your best friends together, plate up some yummy party nibbles and make sure there’s enough wine in the fridge to keep it flowing all night. To make sure the evening is spent celebrating being single – rather than sulking about it – have all your guests follow one ground rule: no talking about exes!

To help get your guests into party mode, think about organising some entertainment for the night. You can’t go wrong with karaoke or a classic board game but if you try something different – and a little racy – your bash will definitely be one to remember.

Pure Romance is a leading seller of bath and beauty products, as well as bedroom ‘accessories’, with almost 20 years in the business of holding laugh-out-loud get-togethers for women. The company’s founder, Patty Brisben, is convinced the best way for the single girl to spend February 14 this year is with her fellow single girlfriends and, unsurprisingly, says there’s no better way to do it than by holding a Pure Romance party.

As the host of a Pure Romance in-home party all you have to do is take care the refreshments and put together a guest list. The consultant will do the rest. She’ll come to your home prepared with some hilarious games to break the ice before introducing the Pure Romance products and explaining how they are used. Shy girls needn’t worry, as the consultant will chat with each guest individually to help her choose the right products.

Pure Romance consultants are trained to share valuable information  about women’s sexual health as well as sexy tips for the bedroom, so the emphasis is on education as much as it is on fun. All consultants come fully prepared with the entire Pure Romance beauty products, lingerie and intimacy and relationship enhancement aids.

Patty’s experience both hosting parties and training others to host parties makes her a bit of an authority on what makes a good bash and she has plenty of tips to share – even if you’re not planning on hosting a Pure Romance party.

Below are her top three:

•        As with any good party, make sure you have plenty of nibbles and keep the drinks flowing. Serve light, summery food – you can’t go wrong with a cheese and fruit platter – and chill all your drinks to keep your guests cool in the summer weather. Be sure to cater to all your guests’ needs, too. Ask them if they have any food allergies or if there is anything they don’t or can’t eat long before you start planning your menu. Also remember that Pure Romance parties are for women 18 and over so be sure to let all your guests know that bringing children along is a no-no.

•        When you choose a theme for a party you really set the tone for the night. While Pure Romance has its own tried and tested themes like ‘Back on the Market’, a bash designed to prepare the newly single girl for getting back into the dating world, consultants are always happy to work with whatever theme the host prefers, be it ‘Suddenly Single’ or Girls’ Night In’. A consultant recently told Patty about a tongue in cheek anti-Valentine’s party she arranged last year, complete with black balloons and black cut-out hearts. This had the guests giggling on arrival, turning the event into a fun celebration right from the start.

•        Finally, relax. A stressed host is no fun for anyone. If you’re hosting a Pure Romance party, a consultant will take care of most of the details for you so stress shouldn’t be an issue. But if you’re planning the event yourself, the best way to be sure everything runs smoothly is to be organised and start preparing for the party well in advance. Patty recommends preparing a checklist at least two weeks before the party and following it to the letter.

Visit to get in touch with a consultant nearby and find out more about hosting a Pure Romance party – or hosting your own!

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