Thursday October 6th 2022

Luscious Lips with Dr 90210!

Pharmacist, mom and businesswoman EZNA J KENNEDY reviews Dr.Robert Rey Sensual Solutions ‘Lip Correct’ Hydrating Lip
Rating : 4/5 stars
The LIPS …. our most sensual attribute . As women, we need our lips to be kissable, sexy and smooth (yes, Like Angelina Jolie !!). We WANT that look and now we can achieve it!
Dermaxyl combined with AActive6 -exotics is the powerful ingredient in Dr. Rey’s ‘Lip Correct ‘ and the answer to healthier, fuller lips. ALL we need in one small tube !
My personal experience with this product…..I was sold on the packaging ! The ‘Lip correct ‘ presents itself in a beautiful brown and green box that won’t get lost in your oversized handbag .
After the first application of the ‘Lip Correct’ my lips felt tingly followed by a sudden expansion of lip volume . The ‘Lip Correct ‘ glides on easily and smoothes out rough patches – almost like a filler smoothing out cracks in a wall.
This product is a must for the more mature and adventurous lady who needs extra care for her lips with some added playful benefits!
The only negative side to this product is that you have to re-apply to keep the effect going but let’s face it : We re-apply our lipstick ?!
Don’t hesitate to make this product your own – It is just one of those “Have-to-Have ” products .
Show off those lips,smile….it’s a sensual solution to your problems !
The products are available in South Africa at selected Red Squares, Edgars and Stuttafords as well as online at

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