Saturday September 24th 2022

New Lindt chocolate super-sweet, baby

TERRY COOPER reviews two new flavours from chocolate masters Lindt.

I usually choose a chocolate with a soft filling, so when asked to taste the new Lindt slabs, I wasn’t entirely enthusiastic!

Suffice it to say, my tastebuds were more than pleasantly surprised. The smooth, creamy touch of vanilla was so enticing (Lindt Excellence Vanilla White), another square was immediately called for!

So much so that I was wary of trying  the dark Coconut Intense in case it spoiled my first slab-tasting experience.

Not so! While the touch of vanilla was smooth and gentle, the dark coconut excited tastebuds with its unique caramelised coconut flavour.

This new Lindt Excellent range wil surely be a ‘best seller’.


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